Let’s Chart A New Course.

Jon Treacy • Democrat for U.S. Senate

Jon Treacy • Democrat for U.S. Senate

The Mission

I would not have imagined several years ago that I'd ever run for the U.S. Senate -- but there have been many times in my life when unexpected duty called and I wanted to honor that call, giving everything I had to the mission before me.

The mission I now embark on is a different kind of duty, a different kind of call – but one I will complete with integrity, using all the skills I have learned. I intend to serve the best interests of all the people of Maine with diligence and honesty – and I know I can do that.

I absolutely believe our nation has been led down the wrong path into serious trouble – and consequently the state of Maine suffers as well. I spent my career serving this country but is our government serving us now?

Let's take the first steps together for a brighter future…


Make Healthcare, Education & Skills/Jobs Development Our National Priority 

Create Economic Security

Stop Climate Disruption

Protect Democratic Freedoms, Institutions & Values

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Mainers are decent, pragmatic, patriotic people and they deserve honorable competent leaders; men and women of integrity who will fight against malignant special interests and destructive partisanship. Maine needs the kind of Senator who will fight for what is best for Maine and our nation, and not posture, equivocate, or offer platitudes in order to further their own political objectives.

That’s some of what I believe but it’s your belief that counts. See what I’m all about and get to know my positions on healthcare, climate change, education and jobs, broadband & infrastructure, gun safety, women’s reproductive freedom, immigration and more.  

I’m asking for your support, your time, your vote, for your trust. I know you've been let down too often by ordinary politicians -- so have I, so I get it.

But I'm not an ordinary candidate -- and I won't let you down. 


We don’t accept corporate PAC money.

We are people-powered.

Please consider a donation in any amount, so we can defeat Susan Collins and chart a new course for Maine & our country!